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New name, new music and new website

So, the last few months have been all over the place. There has been a distinct lack of updates but there has been a fair amount of music being made. I will be rehauling the website and putting all music under the new name of Magellanic. In the meantime, if you’re wanting updates and musics, check out my youtube channel at: or Soundcloud at: You’ll find competition remixes from the Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet which was held on OCRemix as well as a venture into remixing music from a fairly unknown NES game called Choujin Sentai Jetman.


Vampire Variations Album released

I have hardly been able to contain my excitement about this album. For me it has been my first time working on a collaborative music project. It was really enjoyable working with so many talented artists. Regardless of your tastes, I’m sure anyone will find a track to fall in love with. Click to link below to download or stream the album. Don’t forget to also check out the amazing artwork by FoxxDragon and his art team. Also, head over to the Music Video section to check out the music video for “Enough Time to Dance” from the album.



Album Teaser for Castlevania Tribute Album

A teaser for the upcoming Castlevania tribute album.  I am very excited about this with it being my first album appearance and collaboration project: 

New logo and music video!

This evening was spent coming up with a new logo for the website.  Construction of the website will be on-going.  I just wanted to have a site up asap, and so many things like graphics and presentation are not complete.  They will probably change a few times over the coming weeks until I find a style/design that I like.

New Video in the Music Video section too: