Here are links to various websites that are of relevence.  Some are just worth checking out:

SoundCloud – An excellent site to find non-commercial music and share your own.  All music is streamed much like youtube.  Tracks can be downloaded.

Who-Sampled – A website I found whilst researching for my masters project.  Rather interesting to find who sampled who in their music.  Some are quite suprising.

FreeSound – If you’re wanting to get into post-production and video sound design, this is a great website.  Thousands of free sounds uploaded by users for use in whatever you want.

Overclocked Remix – This could well be my favourite website ever.  Thousands of high quality video game remixes all produced and performed by video game fans.  If you’re looking for a great community to share your love of video game music, this is the place.

Nitro Game Injection – Another fantastic site that share a love of video game music.  They provide regular podcasts  in which they discuss and play video game music

Vampire Variations – The official website for the fan-made remix album.  It was created in celebration of Castlevania’s 25th anniversary.


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